Be a Closet Archeologist

We all have “STUFF” in our closets and drawers.  Some, if not all, can be considered important to us. The task is usually figuring out which is true from the previous sentence and actually looking.

I was doing some “looking”one day.   Actually, I was doing some thinking about a new job.  I had resigned a position to join my husband on an assignment in France two years before and was now back home.  In an act of spring cleaning, I discovered my Grandfather’s watch chain and some of my Grandmother’s button cufflinks.  My Mother had given them to me so long before that I had no memory of when. 

I was lucky to grow up living next door to my grandparents.  A blessing in so many ways.  I was the youngest grandchild and though my grandmother’s sight had faded;  she spent many days sewing doll clothes from old slips with me.  She launched my interest in vintage costume jewelry.  My grandfather drove me to my first day of school.  An avid fisherman,  he couldn’t stay in Florida for the winter to fish because he said he keep waiting for my morning call; to see if I could come over.  I lost my Grandmother as a teenager and my Grandfather too soon before that.  Their stellar influence is a big part of who I am.  

So, back to finding my grandparent’s pieces in my drawer.  They, of course were sentimental to me and too pretty to be stuck in a drawer.  From my love of vintage jewelry and I love it all; my favorite piece is a bracelet.   I instinctively put the chain around my wrist and as they say…the rest is history!  Every time  I wore that bracelet I would receive  comments and inquiries.  My repurposing and recycling of wonderful vintage and antique pieces began.

I love rescuing hidden pieces and giving them a new life.   I really love helping my clients repurpose their family heirlooms.  Whether it is finding another way to enjoy the broken necklace of “Aunt Sue” to a grandmother’s broken brooch; it is assisting others to preserve and enjoy the past.  I help keep memories alive and close.  For me, there is nothing better.

Now…I challenge you to look in your closet!  You will be glad you did.